Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This is brief look at life in a red-street. Even though the language suggests its somewhere in North India, this could be anywhere. This is not about lust or bodies being sold. This is about innocence trapped in the alleys where souls are sold for silver coins. The film has an unnamed girl child, aged around two years, trying to keep to herself, as her mother sells her body. The film is about a poignant moment, where the innocent child is trapped between her instincts and the callous world around her.

Do children need to pay for sins of adults? 
Can childhood be weighed by silver coins? 
The Silver Coin, the animation short by Reji Syne explores the intricate alleys of human existence, where innocent childhoods lose direction, for no fault of theirs.
 Life, for lesser privileged children, is as fragile as an egg shell.

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