Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Directors' Statment

This short animation feature is based on a real-life incident, which continues to haunt me – even in my wakeful hours. I met this little girl in one of the sex streets in India. It was well past midnight, and I was waiting for my friend to finish answering a call on his mobile. She could not have seen me through the dark windscreens of the car we were in. The face of the little girl, who lost the coin in the gutters and thereby her chance to buy the egg, came with me, long after we drove away. This film is not just a re-visit to a haunting memory; but an attempt to poke the carpet of silence under which we push all those unpleasant sights around us.

Treatment Given the sensitive nature of the film, it is portrayed in a highly stylised manner. The special treatment has been evolved to capture the theme poignantly, but to avoid it ruffling the finer sensibilities of the audience. Special care has also been taken in the music composition to suit this treatment.

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